how do you get over the bad day blues?

im having a tough week at work and am not sure how to make my days a little less stressed and fustrating (other than killing all the users) so how do you stay cool when its a bad day?

I dont know I’m having a bad day until a good one comes along to upset the balance.

Book a day off and do something else for 24 hours, spend a day in the Cinema eating popcorn, work isnt worth getting worked up about.

I totally agree with TFW take a day out go and do stuff like the cinema even just one day out to recharge batteries will help you to go back to work with a fresh state of mind. :slight_smile:

I went motorised go-karting yesterday in twin engined karts - what fantastic fun that was! Totally and utterly exhausting and exhilerating - completely took my mind off Real Life.

The other thing I have done is go out hill-walking. On the top of a big hill/mountain, when there is no-one else around, I find my mind clears and I can get some perspective on life.

I also agree with Neal - count your blessings and force yourself to remember that there are always a lot of folks worse off than yourself. Not easy to do, I know, but a good exercise.

I often feel the same way Wynterblue but Scottishbird really made me stop and think with this post Mayonnaise and coffee!

Certainly helps to put everything back into perspective :slight_smile:


I got that sent in an email and i thought that it makes you think of the real things that are important to everyone thats how i thought id share it with you all :slight_smile:

Well I spent today rummaging round local scrapyards for 1979 Volkswagen door handles.
If you say you are looking for Porsche 924 bits the price goes stupid, if you say you need a door handle and mechanism for a 1979 VW Passat they just look at you funny and wave you into the yard. The parts are identical though :slight_smile:

Most theraputic to spend a day in the fresh air with the sun shining down.