How long would it take to kill Bill Gates with an axe?

Finally! Confirmation that Bill Gates is just the baddest mofo ever.

I was talking with L&E game guru Rory the other day and we remembered that according to the rules of that super-complicated but 100% accurate life simulator, Dungeons and Dragons, your character gets experience points for all the money he can obtain. (Experience points, in turn, mean an increase in power, levels and hit points–the sex, drugs and rock and roll for the guy who’s too nerdy for real sex, drugs and rock and roll, whose only experience with sex has to do with a giggled conversation with his DM about what his character is saying to the pretend hooker, and whose drugs experience rhymes with “zibuprofen zabuse.”)

It’s no surprise to anyone that money is power. That’s just good sense. The amazing thing is that D&D gives you a way to quantify that power. We decided to put this system to the ultimate test by figuring out exactly how tough Bill Gates is. We’d assume he got most of his experience through earning money, and has never personally killed more than one or two guys (Apple employees, worth no more than 150 experience points each).


LMAO :slight_smile: