How Much?

I’ve done a website for a friend, it’s now finished and he’s asked me how much I want for doing it. Well I’ve got no idea, it’s taken loads of my time as the window frames were created from scratch and all the imagery was created by me.

I sorted the hosting and the domain names for him, and charged him £50 which is £2 over what it cost me.

So my Question, How much do I ask for, for the site?

yeh, I know the font isn’t exactly right but I’ll work on it slowtime then charge him some more :slight_smile:


I’ll throw in a suggestion of £150, £50 per page seems a going rate for a lot of web design companies, more if they have to do the graphics, which you did.


Same as DT, £50 per page unless it requires more coding e.g a contact form, plus extra on a per hour basis for any graphical design stuff.