How (not) to prepare for a job interview.

I have a job interview tomorrow at 9.15am - no biggy; it’s just a secondment within my service & I won’t get paid any more than I already do. It’s just to get away from that womble pretending to be my line manager at the moment :rolleyes:

Only problem is… I’ve just remembered that I have to do a 20 minute presentation on project management & I haven’t even started yet…

ooops… :amstupid:

/Repo fires up PowerPoint… :chin: :shrug: :karate:

oh my :frowning:

i had to redo my presentation for last year’s college course which i failed

prepared for 4 days prior and passed

i had to re do it in front of an audience of 1 person :rolleyes:

and i thought that would be the last presentation i would have to do ever, but i discovered i have to another one for the uni course :frowning:

good luck btw :slight_smile:

Belive now is the time for a lot of loverly flashy pictures and snimations :nod::smiley:

:doh: Best you rip some stuff off the web :lol:

Good luck bud :banana:

@Dalethfc - yup that’s what Uni taught me :smiley:

Mind the flashy animations aren’t a cover up for poor quality content.
First thing I look for is is the presentation trying to take my eye of the content. If it is there is something wrong!

either there isn’t any content or it is cr*p
or there is content but if less time had been spent on flashy graphics the content could have been better.

I’ve suffered death by PowerPoint too often :frowning:

Best of luck with the presentation though. Be open and show you can think on your feet. Don’t bullshit whatever happens. There is ALWAYS somebody in the room who knows you are doing it and they will sure as hell tell the others! If you don’t know the answer admit it and say you will find out and come back to them.

Hope some of that helps and again GOOD LUCK :slight_smile: