How often do you get yours out?

Well I get mine out as often as possible. at least once a week, if not more often, I like to parade around showing it all off…

no you filthy perverts I’m talking about my TPR-Wear, mine’s getting worn all the time, the course I did last week I work atleast one item or TPR-Wear each day.

So when doe’s yours come out?

Usually I show at least part of mine off once a week :smiley: Sometimes, altogether in it’s full glory :smiley:

The two most worn t-shirts and the fleece as well. In fact sat here now in the one I had “DoubleTop” put on the back of :smiley:


The fleece i’ve worn at work allmost every day this winter, and at home i wear the short sleeve shirt and a t-shirt under allmost every day exept when the short sleeve is in the wash then only a t-shirt;)

Fleece and sweater at work most of the time since I got it :slight_smile: t-shirt… dpends on when it goes through my wash cycle :smiley:

At least 3 times per week when I finally finish work :slight_smile: With pride.

T shirt every now and then. Half makes me wish I’d bought some more :smiley:

I tend to make a deliberate effort to wear mine on days out, you know, going to the zoo etc etc :smiley: :Pimp:

A futile :Pimp: effort maybe, but hey we rock :smiley:


I parade it around work in its full glory most days :devil:

Fleece gets used every day :slight_smile:

Just got back from a day in spain where i showed off my t-shirt…often where them over here as well.

got an exam at 2 o’clock and sat here wearing mine :slight_smile:


good luck with the exam bro’

Was in a meeting yesterday wearing my fleece :smiley:


Good luck Bully :thumbsup:

My fleece, hoodie & t-shirt are all coming with me tomorrow when I go to visit my sis :smiley:

Interesting this thread should come up. I was wondering if these would be available again. My fleece is beginning to show signs of heavy wear :slight_smile:


It’s a sunny day, and I haven’t mowed the front lawn at all this year. Will finally do it today, and I have my TPR t-shirt on :stuck_out_tongue: I know it’s time to mow the lawn when the taller stuff reaches about 2ft and looks likes it needs harvesting.

Always a good sign :confused: :wink:

Would love another T shirt :wink: and one of the shirt’s like Damski has

I want a pair of bottoms with TPR over the butt :smiley: