How to reveal the windows wireless network password

Well i have given up trying to stop the sysprep from looping on this rig so the GF as said that i can do a reinstall, it’s just that she can not remember the wireless password she set up, so i was wondering if there was a qick way to get it from windows ?

Isn’t the password set on the router? If so either go into the router and change it to something she can remember, or on some routers there’s an option to show the password. Then it’s just a case of putting the password in when you go to connect.

if the password is on the router, and u cant get into the router,… just reset it

Starting point is the Wireless router, you will have your key’s
programmed there to which you then set your device to.

Also while in there :wink: setup mac filtering and assign the mac address
of the wireless device into the router then tell it to allow only those
mac addresses

Plus disable your wireless ssid broadcast.

Don’t have access to the router has it’s her dad that set the router up…

I could just ask, but i hardly see him when am there :confused:

I was just hoping for a quick fix for it…