I got GMail invites (10)! Who wants one?

Hi All,

First 10 people who want an invite can have one!

Oh yeah, just send me an email at scurtis@gmail.com!

Me, me…

What does it do?

Yes please :slight_smile:

It is a free email account with a gig of storage. See: http://gmail.google.com for further information.

Yes, please. Pretty please.

I’ll definately have one then thanks:thumbsup:

For those who didn’t see the change to the original message - send me an email at scurtis@gmail.com and I will send you an invite.

Hope you lucky ones have lots of fun!

Are they still doing that “scan e-mail in your inbox and insert relevant adverts” thing ?

Personally I wouldn’t want my e-mail scanned in that much detail.

/edit: thought I might back this one up in case people don’t know what I’m on about :wink: :smiley:

Taken from http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/06/15/gmail_spook_heaven/

The Gmail advertising concept is simple. When you log into the Gmail to retrieve and view your email, the service automatically scans the contents of the email and displays a relevant ad on the screen for you to see. Although it has been said that neither Google nor the advertiser “knows” the text or essence of the email message, this is not strictly true: if you click on the link to the ad, it can be reasonably inferred that the text of the email in some way related to the advertiser’s service.

Moreover, like any email provider, the text of your Gmail is stored and subject to subpoena. I can envision a situation where an advertiser, paying Google hundreds of thousands of dollars, claims that Google failed to “insert” its ads in relevant emails, or inserted a competitor’s ads instead (or in addition to, or more prominently). In the course of the ensuing litigation, wouldn’t both the ads themselves and the text of the messages into which they were inserted be relevant, and therefore discoverable? I can’t imagine why not.

I want one if its not too late

yah ill have one plz :slight_smile:

Yes they are. I have to say I actually like it. A couple of times I have seen an ad in my email and thought ‘hmm that looks interesting’ and most of the time it leads to a site I wouldn’t have visited before but which has proved quite useful.

I look at it this way: If you are worried about your email being stored, scanned and subject to subpoena you probably don’t want to use any email service. GMail has the ability to ‘delete forever’ but any techy person knows that this is rubbish as the email will likely remain on the harddrive of the mail server until the disk is filled up or wiped. This is the same with Hotmail, Yahoo and anyone else for that matter.

In essence, I don’t think it is anything to be overly worried about unless you are sending stuff which you think might somehow incriminate you, in which case email probably isn’t the best medium! :slight_smile: