I had 5 minutes...

long time no see, thought i would hop along to see how my friends at TPR are doing…16000 posts since last visit. :eek:

guess I will have to stop back to catch up… only read 3 :rolleyes:

(wishes he hadn’t had autologin on to muck up view new posts since last visit.)

Hi Bozo :wave:

Good to see you around :slight_smile:

Lo bozo!

Good to see you again, where have you ended up with the split that happened then?

16000 posts? Must have been hard spamming m8…:wink:

Nice of you to pop by. :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome to join. We can use all the friends we can get. :nod:

heh Bozo, were you at ? :slight_smile: