I have had enough:(

Me and helen were just watching tv and we heard a car pull up outside.
a door slammed and all we heard was thud thud thud up the stairs to the block of flats where we live. next we hear a smash and that frightend holly and jack:mad:
i stayed in the house untill they had gone then when they had i went out to inspect the damage… who ever it was had smahed a window then i heard them comming back so i went back inside and more slamming of doors shouting screaming was going on… i dont mind people having domestics but when its right outside my front door and smashing up glass when i have two kids in the house really pi$$3s me off.
so helen called the police and they came and had a look then left quickly.
ive had enough of this and now i know for definate that the police wont even try to do anything about this sort of stuff maybe next time i might try and take the law into my own hands.:mad:

an intrestion pouint is when does a domestic dispute [diffrent from domestic vilonace in the context of this post] become Public Disorderly Conduct, with the close confines of an appartment building.

i don’t think taking it into your own hads next time is a good thing to do.
(omg i’m starting to sound like my teachers!)

Can you write a letter to your local justices asking about the legality of taking the law into your own hands when the police refuse to take action and your children’s health is at risk? Such a letter might start someone investigating the situation with your neighbors and the lack of police action.

that might not be such a bad idea egad…i might just do that :slight_smile:
and cdplayer thanks for the concern but if it was to get ot of controll to the point where i felt my family was in danger i would do what ever it takes just like i think any man or women in a family would do.i hear what ur saying tho…

yup andy taking the law into your own hands is a deffo :nono: you now have a child and if anything was to happen to you that child would have to grow up without a father… until said person is bashing down your door…leave them to it… you and your family are number one… if u stay safe inside the house then there aint nothing much they can do to you…smashed glass or no dad ? thats the way you should look at it!!

just my 2p

Basically Egad, in this country if you stand up to or are seen to be trying to do anything about ppl being antisocial if you live in a bad area, even if its just telling them to stop it and going back inside, you become the target of a permanent hate campaign lasting years. The only escape is to move away and not make the same ‘mistake’ again.

oh i totaly agree but when a five year old goes playing and falls and cuts themselves on the glass or a needle (found loads of em) then tbh if the police arent doing anything who will.
and i will not have my kids in fear in there own house because some jumped up junkie wants a row.
i wont take it and like the title says ive had enough it happens near enough every damnd night.
i cant move and belive me we have been trying so hard to get out of here untill last night i was contemplaiting going back down south to get a job get a house ect on my own to get us on that ladder… yet i will fear for my family and i will not live with myself if anything happens so im going to stay put.
so i cant move i cant rely on the law to do its job (apologies to any good police out there reading)
i will have to do somthing myself.
i dont mean to sound like a drama queen but thats the way it going and its terrible that anyone has to live like this.

someone has even tried to kick in our door im just thankfull we were not in.
the house if fully insured but my daughter and jack are not.
sorry for the long post :wink:

Mc its one of those things… im alreaddy a taget just like veryone else…im starting no campaign at all im just going to ask where i stand law wise with self defense or dealing with antisocial people on my doorstep and protecting my family.

you dont stand anywhere mate… youll always loose if you beat then $**** out of someone…even if self defense…theyll get away with it…well thats how its always happend here…

:frowning: the law is powerless these days…all they can say is like it or lump it and thats not the way we should live…:mad:

i learnt self defence myself for a while like im sure many teenagers do now i was taught if someone flies at u with a weapon then the first thing u should do is look for an exit… if there non available try to use ur mouth i mean spek to them politely and if that does not work and it usually doesnt then u need to defend urself any means available. try not to use a weapon urself though.
it is fairly easy to break an arm. or get someone down it doesnt matter how strong u are or how strong the other person is becuase everyone has the same weakness and that is you joints elbow or knees try to avoid the read areas like the head or neck.
the reason im saying this is becuase if u watch the police tackle someone that is exactly what they do if they need to.
that was what i was taught whether or not i am allowed to use what i was taught if needed is a diffrent matter.and as long as you tell the truth to what happend it should work out in your favour as long as reasonable force is used.

You are in a hard position Andy it sounds :frowning:

Very powerful is the urge to protect your family, and rightly so, if anyone directly threatens them then its a free game, do what you must IMO…but dont draw attention to yourself in protest.

Im quite impressed with how you are coping with having a family at a youngish age and doing your upmost for them…that seems to be quite rare these days.

Thanx I hope i am doing the right thing by my family.
maybe i was stupid having a family at a young age i know.
but what is done is done and i love my family dearly and nothing will change that,
i will get there eventually…with moveing getting a job and all that eventually.
the only thing that makes me really mad is the fact that you cant move anywhere without having trobles like thisevryone has there own share of problems yet it does not matter where u go they will always follow. its a sad fact and theres nothing anyone can do about it all we can do is fight it if we have to.:frowning:

maybe i was stupid having a family at a young age i know.

No no no Andy, i didnt mean that at all. It would be stupid and selfish if you had left Helen holding the baby and pi$$ed off, but you have stuck with her and supporting your family to your best ability in less than idea circumstances

And that sir is admirable :slight_smile:

maybe i was stupid having a family at a young age i know.

no-one is saying that andy. what happened, happened. at your ‘young’ age you have stayed (ok Helen sounds a nice person - which helps!). i, on the other hand, at 36, legged it - eventually. (but mine is a complete lunatic - in my defence).
age has nothing to do with it - you’re doing your best for your daughter, and thats all anyone can do at any age.

My dad was 25 when I was born, which has worked out well for us. He is not so old that he can’t get out and do stuff with me. His father (my grandfather) was in his 40’s when my dad was born, and couldn’t get out as much when dad got older.

Consider that the up side to having kids early. :thumbsup:

my mum was 17 when she had me and i feel that as i got older that it brought us closer together coz there wasnt that much of an age gap between us and it made things easier to talk to my mum about i think it might have been harder if there was a big age gap between my mum and me coz her views on life were more modern not totally the old fashioned views like my gran had. It made my mum relate to my problems better coz it wasnt that long ago she went through the same kind of problems. I never thought of my mum being a young mum coz she had a wise head on her sholders.

I totally think that some guys and gals are too young to have kids even at the age of 25 they arent ready for kids they are still big kids themselves but not everyone is the same some are ready and some arent.

Here if someone kicks your door in you have every right to pop them. If I was in my house and someone kicked my door in the they are going to meet Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson and their side kick Mr. Magnum. Probably multiple times.

:open_mouth: major im shocked… and i thought you were the quiet type…altho mind if mr magnum comes over here for a bit i need him to do me a favour :wink:

smith and wesson vs magnum?

Although I’ve no personal experience of the horrors you’re going through Andy, I’m sure that meeting violence with violence even in self defence is a one way down hill street. Even if you go all the way, they’ll have a brother or suchlike. Best you can do imo is to move out to wherever, hopefully a better environment for your family to grow in.