I know it's cheeky but..

You lot are the only people I know that have solaris knowledge…

don’t spose you could help me out and look at this thread over at the dank room ?

pretty please… I’m lost on this subject

you can post any answer here if ya like :slight_smile:

I’ve read the thread and I have no idea what you are trying to do.

Solaris 2.6 will support X as it stands you just need your local display to be running a window manager such as Xceed or even Cygwin-X and then set the DISPLAY shell variable so the solaris system knows where to send the display.

Assuming your local PC is on on the same network as the Solaris system login using telnet or even ssh and type

export DISPLAY

Test this by typing the following on the solaris system

There is scope for error in the above above and you might need to get onto IRC so we can muck about with this to see whats actually been configured.

Ok Dezy what is your intent. I am with TFWitt on this one. More information is required.

TBH I think you answered the question over at the dank room. Basicaly he needs to either upgrade to solaris 10 , or as he seems to like linux move over to linux for sparc , BUT the main use of this would be D2OL and if using linux he would need to use the linux client… but from what I gather from your post that just wouldn’t work. So the first option would be by far the easiest !

o.k I think I got that right…

ohh and thanks all for the help :slight_smile:

As I said over at the analog dank hovel :wink: for a sun box with Sparc Chip one must run Solaris for Sparc. and for a D2OL client get the SUN clinet.

Thanks for all your help on this.

I have now managed to get a Solaris 10 build on the machine. I downloaded the D2ol solaris with JVM client, and as soon as it downloaded a candidate it completed it .

This i can’t believe is correct, and when it went to upload it there was nothing to upload.

So how do i get it to actually do some work?

Do i need the non java install?

Please bear in mind i’m a bit of a muppet when it comes to solaris.

Many thanks

Hi Barney :wave:

No advice whatsoever on solaris & D2OL but thought I’d give you a welcome to TPR :smiley:

Ahhh, solaris10

Never even used it but to start with the basics like permissions ar you running stuff as root ?

Might be it cant save temporary files somewhere.

Yep, logged in as root and using the solaris 10 Java desktop.

I saw a message on the Rothchild institute board with exactly the same problem warlier, but no solution. Hope someone here can help.

I had a similar problem on Linux and it was down to missing libraries on my Linux install - GridWin.exe and DockWin.exe are executed by the main D2OL client one after the other. If they fail to execute when called it does appear as if the client is running, but nothing is returned to server and nothing is actually being processed.

Is there a solaris version of ldd? That’s the command I’d use under Linux to make sure all the required libraries are present.

yeah I bet this one is a cook and roll your own environment with the jre. Better run over to SUN and see what they have for java version on that bad boy.

I did a similar with my AMD64 for the 64 bit JAVA version. Didn’t help much but every little bit.

Good question. I’ll look into it. Hard disk on it failed last night so am rebuilding this morning. There’s a couple of libraries required that you can get from Sunfreeware.com, but I thought I’d installed them. I will have to try again once I’m all set up.