I like my job!!

I like my job :slight_smile:

yesterday we specced some new computers to run our CCTV 2 intel pentium D 3.60ghz 2x2mb lvl2 cache :slight_smile: 2gb of ram Terras of hd… 2 of them :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im now in charge of the security doors :slight_smile: witch will be installed over the holls :slight_smile:

anyone else having a good time enjoying work ? :Orbit:

I like my job as well but the hours are getting brutal. I may have to ping the boss for some relief from the 6AM to 5PM shift! :wink:

Part timer !

Pot Kettle Black :eek:

gah, will these youngest never learn (at bin, not you two old :wolram: )

You NEVER tell your boss, or leave any evidence for your boss to find that indicates you like your job :nono:

You love it so much, you shan’t be needing the pay rise then … :sneaky:


What are you installing the witch for? Black cat as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I’m in a funny mood :stuck_out_tongue: And I hate my job.

not too keen on mine, but cant really complain. while the holidays and benefits are cr@p, i have worked in far worse places when it comes to enjoyment.

I LOVE my job :smiley:

I put in about three hours this week. Only a litle less than the norm. Last month’s pay rise was only about 5% :frowning: This months will probably be double that :slight_smile:

I seem to spend more time drooling over my commission statement than I do actually working :smiley: :smiley:

I love my job, never know what I’m gonna be doing that day, and everyday is different.

I don’t like my job.
Only thing that counts there is to lick the right bottoms.
Will have a Free Year from Tuesday :clap:

Seeing as how they monitor our systems rather closely…

I love my job! Not too much, mind… I still need the pay rise every year. :smiley:

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