I lost my virginity....how about you?

It happened last night with friends. I was very nervous, but in the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and even ended up having a 3-way at one point :devil: I had never tried it before as I was too concious of everything being on show, but in the end it was great and had lots of fun.

So how about you? Are you still a virgin, or do you do it regularly with friends and family?

I am talking about talking to people using webcams btw, for all you pervs :wink:

:chuckle: :nono: you had me going there for a second lol

so hidds you done it over webcam ? was it wierd ? :lol:

You can do just about anything over the net these days… :devil:

Just got a new iMac and have started using it a lot more - just a lot easier with iChat than it ever was with AIM or Trillian.

I have used cams in the past but it was always a pain - hopefully we will start to use them more now :slight_smile:

MD and I used to use them all the time when he was still in inverness and I was down here

Use everynow and then on MSN.
Not regulary or whatever.

usually it’s a one way video thing as well so I dont bother if it is.

I was runing a webcam to my website once… ah :lol: that was fun :slight_smile:

How many people committed suicide due to that?

I think it was a high number… didnt say what was the webcam was watching maybe I should… the cars parked outside my house… :stuck_out_tongue:

iMac…Is that not what women use to wax?

Just because I feel I have to show my feminine side doesn’t give you the right to take the mickey.

but BOY are my legs smooth :smiley:

I used to do that at work - for testing purposes only :wink:

Pointed it at my lunchbox.

Pizza and Guinness if I recall :smiley: