I need Tips!

No im not on the bloomin scrounge…money is short yes but meh :stuck_out_tongue:

Im looking for tips on photoshop cs2 ? on how to effectivly utilise this bit of software!

I want to make a logo for my website…and also want it to design more sites…

does anyone have any good tips ? or even sites with help ?? im kinda crap :frowning:

a good tip would be to Uninstall it and install Photoshop CS1

or even better, Photoshop 7 :)… probelly the best tip i could give u.

ow, and Draw the logo by hand first and scan it in… Helps alot :slight_smile:
and use as Little amount of Gradiant Colours and Outerglows, as this will just stupidly increase the filesize, and if this is for web… not a great idea…