I shopped at PC World!

Friday I went to PC world, and actually bought a hard drive!

no no no, before you start throwing stones my way it was actually cheep…

Well Ok, not quite as cheep as buying online but…

My fave supplier, cheapest 250Gb Hard drive, £70

PC World, Cheapest 250Gb Hard drive, £80

Take into consideration £7.50 postage and it’s actually not too bad, considering I get it then and there rather than waiting till Monday or Tuesday for it to be delivered…

Looks like PC World finally getting their act together as regards pricing in some quarters…

Ps also used the web reserve feature of the web site, find the item you want mark it for store pickup then get it at the web price not the in store price :slight_smile:

:withstup: :lol:

Shame on you Dammo :nono:

/me wonders where the big red button has been moved to…


Hay nowt wrong with PCworld :wink: … Quite useful when you need something in a rush. :wink:

Esp one that happen’s to be located in Telford :wink: :smiley:

I started checking out some prices as well when ccl computers started getting a little slack on the service and prices. I got a nice suprise to find PC World prices starting to come close and the range of stuff getting better as well :slight_smile:

They also dont check stuff like mobo’s properly when you kill them overclo… (forget that) :wink:

true true. this is what i found when i needed a lan card :slight_smile:

I used the PC World collect@store option, order online, pay instore for a 200gb samsung spinpoint HD only £59, and that was £5 cheaper than there instore price, you can get some bargins from time to time, they have quite a few of the latest games at £19.99 on the collect@store option at the moment.


I bought my rig from there.

Not perfect but it works fine :slight_smile:

Seems they occasionally come up with something. Was surprised to see them advertising a 250Gb caddy on t’ telly at £79.

Have to admit that its not such a crime to shop there anymore imho. I quite often wonder around my local one to see whats about and how much it is and the prices aren’t bad when you take into account the carrage charges.

There are some things that are a rip off but thats even so with the online retailers :slight_smile:

Plus they serve my “impulsive” buying problem :devil:

i actually use them quite a bit. ok, usually when i need something urgently and its someone else paying, but they are not as bad as most people think any more.

So long as you know exactly what it is you want and are not put off by the (often) incompetant sales staff, they are OK for what they are.

The one in Telford is closing down and moving about 1,000 yards in February.

quite expensive for bigger stuff though, I got a laptop last weekend and it was nearly £200 more expensive at PC World.

A True Story:

browsing round a store a couple of months ago and what should I spot? I whole shelf full of Belkin Wireless ADSL Modem Routers advertised at £45. Cheap I thought…So I looked closer and sure enough the price tag said Belkin Wireless ADSL Modem Router but the stock number below the bar code didn’t match the bar code on the box.

Never one to miss a bargin, I took one to the checkout… “That’ll be £85 sir, business or private sale?”

“Urm, but it says £45 over there”…

Anyway, to cut a long story short, after much discussion, the manager was called. Turns out the label was for a Wireless Router, not a Wireless Modem Router despite what it actually had printed on it. He and asked me what I wanted to do about it! Simple, “I want that… at the advertised price”.

So, the shelf got cleared in 30 seconds flat and I got a bargin! … I hope nobody got fired.

Moral of the story, know your rights and keep a sharp lookout at labeling!

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I work at PC World Telford as a technician.

I find that remark quite offensive actually, at PC World Telford generally we’re pretty good with our PC knowledge in general, especially the guys in the clinic. Most of the time it’s customers that don’t know anything about what they want, or people that are just too impatient or rude that we don’t really want to help them.

Also, as with nightlord’s case. It’s impossible to keep a store like PC world perfect with ticketing. We sell over 10,000 items in each store! That was a gesture of good will, and had the manager been a twat, he would have taken the item off of sale, and that would have been that. No legal obligation to sell you it at an incorrect price.

EDIT: Just read through myself and realised how arrogant that all sounded. I don’t mean to sound it, but us purple goons aren’t all that bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

firstly… welcome to the forums :smiley: :smiley:

secondly… i understand where your coming from but the ‘old style’ pc world alot of people knew was new to the computer store market, high priced and only a ‘core group’ of staff knew the full computer backgrounds.
Thankfully as time has been passing, people on the whole have been noticing huge changes of late and even i’m finding shopping there is more and more consumer friendly :smiley: :smiley:

No legal obligation to sell you it at an incorrect price.

actually there is, check your consumer protection legislation again.

I needed to pack something for posting so I bought something from PC World, used the box to post the item and and got a free paperweight :smiley:

well I dont usually shop at PCWorld as I canne afford anything from there :lol:

I dont buy new new things for my pc as it is… Im still runing a p4 1.8ghz… runing xp and Its used everyday…

I bought a dvd burner off ebay…after a month it broke… so I was ready to throw it out…then found that the bloke had sent the reciept with it :slight_smile: so I returned it to PCWorld Swansea…they didnt batten an eyelid…I got rid of an artic(something or other burner) for a sony brand new burner :slight_smile:

PCWorld isnt so bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Radar but I have to agree with mantra2k here. A shop is under no obligation to sell you anything at any price if they should chose not to.

Many retailers will allow the customer to have the item a lower (incorectly marked) cost but this is a good will gesture and not a legal requirement.


But with a £1000 fine per piece of incorrect pricing in retail stores that can be dished out from trading standards, most stores will sell it to the “spotter”. With new camera phones, take a photo first and watch the normally under-informed managers panic :devil: