I want to be a womble!

Nuff said.

Madame Cholet was the horniest womble :smiley:

Try here…



I came out as Tobermory :smiley:

I’m Madame Cholet :confused:

Originally posted by SPEEDYJ
I’m Madame Cholet :confused:

me too :rolleyes: … more custard vicar ? :smiley:

Originally posted by SPEEDYJ
Madame Cholet was the horniest womble :smiley:

Originally posted by SPEEDYJ
I’m Madame Cholet :confused:

'Nuff said, Mr :cuddle:meister? :boggle: :eek:

Explains a lot! :lol:

I have the Wombles theme as a ringtone on my mobile phone. Now whenever the boss phones me I know right away without looking at the screen who it is :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I want to be a womble there so great etc etc but you try living down the road from them. Things have slipped since their TV days, now instead of making good use of the stuff everyday folks leave behind they make their living by carjacking and narcotics.

And SpeedyJ if you want to pop through to wimbledon sometime Madame Cholet runs a “massage parlour” just down the road from me.

Well I never!

Don’t times change :rolleyes:

I say must be a Brit’s thing. Never heard of them. But I do like the silly walk

Iam Orinoco :o :smiley:

I’m Great Uncle Bulgaria

explains a lot!

Most suitable womble: Great Uncle Bulgaria with a score of 1

“Roll back the carpet 'cos it’s Bungo’s birthday…”

That’s who I am apparently.

Ciccio, if you want to be a womble, I can dig that, I can respect that…I do think it’s slightly deranged, but hey, who am I to talk. :smiley: