Not sure whether it should go in the Pit Lane or A/V forum, first try here I suppose :p.

Got a few choices for ICE from the FIAT garage, very limited choice and I prefer the look of the sony, but I thought i’d ask the masters first.

GRUNDIG 5300 RDS Head Unit / DCR200 DAB Decoder & GRUNDIG MCD36 CD Changer. I’m 100% unlikely to use the tape function, but the DAB has me interested :).

Sony XR-C5120R (not sure why i’d want this one really, but it’s an option :p)
Sony CDX-C5850R (looks nice to me!)
Sony CDX-C4850R (looks to have the same features, but without the removeable front cover).
Sony CDX-616 CD Changer

only other toys they have available is the Sony XM-502 Universal Amp and a Kenwood Speaker Kit KFC-FPU-200, i’m not sure how much clout the default kit would give, so opinions?

I need to say what’s going in tomorrow, so replies tonight would be useful, thanks :).

have a look here speedo some nice chaps :slight_smile:

Grundig? Are you mad?

New Sony kit is also abysmal.

You buying a new car or something?

well secondhand, but no ice by default in it. So what would you recommend bibby (bit light on cash).

have a look at the sales secion of the forum above. Always some goodies to be had. :slight_smile:

Also have a look through the shop here

What kind of kit you looking for? just a cd player or an mp3 capable one?

I was given this link on irc for looking at audio stuff, prices look pretty good.

Something mp3 capable would be cool but not required, must have a cd player, autochanger would again be cool but not required… no idea what the default speakers in a punto would be capable of…

Oh yeah, DAB would be funky too :p.

best place to start is, how much you got to spend?

Cost is the thing.

If you’re looking at budget end new head units, stick with the likes of JVC & Alpine.

Ah well, i’ve told Fiat to put the Sony CDX-C5850R with CDX-616 in, because it won’t cost me anything atm. If it sounds shite… have to upgrade it ;).

It won’t sound shite unless you have something better to compare it to. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Right, FIAT wanted £460 for those 2 items, so I wasn’t too impressed with that and said er… no thanks. :). I’d like to keep under £200 for a head unit and hopefully a cd-changer. I would prefer a detachable front on the head unit as the car won’t have an alarm.

At the cheap end the Sony CDX-S1000 looks ok, but it won’t drive a changer :(. I don’t know who else to look at other than Sony…

If you wouldn’t mind having a look Bibby sir :).

that one looks good to me :slight_smile: as it’s sitting in my car already i have no complaints, it reads cd’s that even my computer drives wont read, BigSix also has this head unit with no complaints as far as i’m aware, bounceout has kenwood aswell although he has minidisc, apparently my car has a really weird angle which would make it difficult to read cd’s but so far its been fine
everything that was dodgy was my own fault, over winter dont leave cd’s in it cause as it warms up the get moist and wont play :amstupid:
as for sound quality it beat the other two units i had before hands down, new and old speakers, wasnt difficult though :rolleyes:


How much!!! Jesus, good old Fiat. :lol:

If you want to buy new, then I can’t recommend this company enough Alex. JVC is good kit too.

I bought a JVC MP3 front loader with shuttle capabilities. Best thing I’ve ever done. Stores a total of over 1300 tracks.

Just ordered the kenny with a fascia adaptor :).

Never mind.

Something wrong with the Kenwood Bibby? I like the idea of being able to plug a Creative Nomad into the head unit, and doing that would stop the majority of head units of being able to control a changer, including the JVC.

You asked my opinion, I gave it. The current Kenwood range does not represent a good value for money range in comparison to what other manufacturers offer. They haven’t for years.

I’m not going to say “well done” if I think it was a bad purchase am I.

No matter. :slight_smile: