If I got six numbers this weekend

I’d have this on the Buy it Now


Strange - it looks very sporty but says “Pickup only.”

:lol: Nice one Michael!! :smiley:

It looks like the batman car :smiley: would you buy the costume to go with it TFW :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for me.
But you can get one for the car.

So you buy a £45,000 car and then slap £4,500 of body kit on it :eek:

But then driving to work in a road legal Le Mans replica has to a fairly unique thing. I’d have a real problem getting out and concentrating on work if that was in the car park.

/goes for a cold shower

Nice… Digs deep in pocket… Well I was saving for a burger…
Guess I could save a little longer.
Good luck, it looks well worth it.