If you are considering a move to Linux

…but don’t know where to get software, or whether your games will work…

have a look at this link


It is mind-boggling how much software is available for free, nada, £0, $ZERO, €0,00 nothing for Linux machines.

Now it may just be me being a miserable old sceptic but theres a nagging doubt that stops me using stuff found on Russian websites untill its been out in the wild for a good peer review.

I’d give Lindows a go if I had the time to tinker, Well Linspire as its called since the lawsuit


I thought Linspire was cheap/free, seems a bit pricey upon reflection :eek:

Miserable old sceptic :wink:

It’s only a table of links to the main sites, no software, honest!

Me likes FREE! :nod:

Linux is boring :frowning:

You install it, spend a little while caressing it to do what you want.

Then you have to do sweet nothing to it ever again. How boring :frowning:


yeah ain’t it great! :wink: now you can go and look for free software to make you life better :nod:

No more of the Redmond blooksuckers around. No more Norton or McAfee fees. No more corrupted registries requiring a reinstall. Huge uptimes. With just a little work configuring spamassassin, the spam problem disappers.

Jeez, why did I ever bother with Windows. Oh yeah games that I don’t have time to mess with!

Boring? Gawd it’s anything but.
I can configure servers, streaming media, workstations, network proxies…

In fact there’s about 4 machines that I need to be Windoze - everything else is going Linux.

All this costs me is time and some downloading not £££££££££ -
And I learn some new tricks (at my age) -
And its fun!

I lurve Linux :nod:


ZX Spectrum emulator X128, Speccyal, SpecX, SpecEmu, UnrealSpeccy, …

  1. Xzx.
  2. Glukalka.
  3. Fuse.
  4. ZXSP-X.
  5. FBZX.
  6. SpectEmu.
    … now to find Elite, Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner .roms … :banana: