@ ike

You are one tough guy to pass! However, my time is coming as I have just added a new 1.8Ghz cruncher to my small SETI arsenal :D. Prepare for :stomp:

PS. I also have another secret weapon in the works… just in case… he he!

“Ah yes damn, Percy, the devil farts in my face once more”

  • if I knew how to insert wav’s I would insert the above. So my turbo-charged turnip isn’t enough, eh? Well it wasn’t going to last anyway.:frowning: I shall prepare my steel helmet in anticipartion.

Don’t de-charge the turnip! I’ve never known a turnip to quit on someone… :smiley:

/also wishes you could put the wav file in the post/

arrrrghhh :stomp: 'd :frowning: So badly there isn’t even dust…

Well it was a nice little war while it lasted, until I was nuked!
Well done sir.

Originally posted by Egad

/also wishes you could put the wav file in the post/ [/B]

Doesn’t appear I can post attachements, but go to here

Thanks for the link!

My “secret weapon” was an old account that had 169 WUs in it. I hardly ever gave it much thought until I recently found out how to get accounts merged. So, I had those 169 WUs added to my primary account.

I’m going to use that wav file as the error sound on one of my PCs. :smiley:

:confused: so how do you get accounts merged then? Not that I could catch you again, honest!

I found out on this thread

Thanks. You may feel turnip breath on your neck sometime…

ohboy… :uhh:

So much for MY cunning plan…

still, keeps you a bit honest!