I'm a Tigger !!

T…I…double “G” rrrrrrrrr

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You have completed more work units than 99.727% of our users.

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//edit : getting closer to top :sneaky: reg-class


My pc’s ; So far; A dual p3 1Ghz with 1Gb ram A p3 500, as it has nothing better to do but ruin my average time per unit. Double Top

seti@home rules! please check out the link to the teamphoenixrising pages and join in the group.

I think the hardware on my profile on Borkeley is a touch out of date…


Nice! :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Excellent

Nice one Double of Top :smiley:

how’s about this for a big old


Tigger search results on Google for UK get’s us on page3 at the moment, tigger tigger, cuddly cuddly tigger :smiley:



Do we need to mention eeyore, piglet, Kanga, little roo, pooh and the hundred acre wood to move up the page.

Maybe theres another slant thats worked in the past

Tigger gets wood

Tigger has big nuts on its wheels, 32mm to be precise and they are very stiff at present needing a good tug with a huge tool to remove them. Probably a good idea to lube them well before screwing them back on.
Tigger has a non synchro gearbox which you can use with double de-clutch to get a slick change or you can grab the long gear knob and ram it into the next gear.

Tigger has a canvas top which will probably be removed for some topless fun in the sun.
Putting it back on will require some masterful rope work to manipulate the straps and buckles required to tightly secure the canvas in a firm state of bondage to the rear end of the truck.

Tigger will also be headed for the beach so we can do a bit of watersports such as surfing whilst at the beach camp. Beach balls may also be good fun.

Must remember to pack sun cream and to apply it to facial areas as well. My pink helmet doesnt keep the sun off too well.

What was the thread that mentioned naked celebrities on here and got about 1000 hits per day ? Was it Alizee ?
It might be good to have a poster of her on the side of such a hardcore off roader like Tigger.

Aha! A forum search has found it!

Not sure which photo it was though but to quote the thread above

My fluff and stuff feels better now.

:chuckle: :chuckle: :haha: :haha:


up hard and fast to page2 - one higher than page3



Cant beat a bit of wet and wild Dyson action.
I’m sure thats whats moved it up