Impotant notice from Milkyway@home


Scripting to remove WUs from certain searches

I’d also like to put a note out there to people running scripts to cancel WUs from certain searches, asking you to stop. These can lead to some bad server problems where some WUs accumulate on the server because they’re not being processed fast enough. We’ll be taking some steps on the server end to stop this kind of activity, but until that gets finished I’d like to ask people to stop. If it continues I’ll start banning or zeroing out offending users credit. --Travis 11 Mar 2010 2:53:25 UTC

I’m not accusing anyone here, but looks like they are going to crack down on the cheats (this is after all a kind of cheating to maximise your credits), which is always a good thing

Jeez, did I set my alarm clock for 2003 by mistake ?
Its like waking up in the middle of a Seti-Classic re-run

Looking at the kind of credits Milkyway gives out, it is pretty apparent that they are already in the credit give away program. I’m not surprised to hear that their program is being compromised. Milkyway undermines the credit reward system of most all other boinc projects.

at least they are making an effort to catch the work droppers :slight_smile:

The credits are highly affected by the enhanced clients for Milky.


Excuse my ignorance… but what are they actually doing?

some units provide a much better return on credit, so there are scripts that drop the low returning units. The mention to old seti was that this one done by many a seti-queue …


:nod: Indeed, automatically dropping VLAR units was an option in Setiqueue if memory serves…