In-Car PC - bit steep

Heard this on the radio whilst driving home, so I thought I’d look it up

In Car PC top spec!!

£4500!! I bet you guys could do it a lot cheaper. Base unit looks like a shuttle, but is direct powered from 12/24v source without an adapter, other than that it’s just the same. The PC spec aint that hot either, using 5400rpm HD and a 1.5ghz Via chip!

Anyone built one already?

Laptop with a 12 PSU adaptor sounds like a better option

Alot going on screens in that Valuation…

Any how knock yoursselves out…

Lots of other places but this was 1st off the top of my head.

Got a 533Mhz Via cpu and it aint bad. Would certainly be fine for an in car PC.

Works fine as a personal webserver and FTP Server.

A lot less nickable as well

got a power adaptor for 12v sockets for my macbook, mainly for use on planes, but I’ve only ever used it in the car :lol: