In tribute to TPR

Following the unfortunate hostilities on the OCUK forum has made me stop and think about the time and effort everyone here at TPR puts in.

We have a few people here who can afford the time and hard cash to run vast arrays of Seti crunchers at home, and we have gents like Millhouse, the Mod team and the daily newshounds who are running the whole shebang using their own time and money.
We also have a few people who are in difficult circumstances and yet they still crunch for the team when they could spend the time and money elsewhere. It makes me feel kinda guilty about turning any of my few home boxes off when I can actually afford the electricity, I’m just a tight git :wink:

Now I’ve been here a good few months, and I’ve yet to see a single :vader:-ish post from anyone about “I paid for this…I crunch more WU than you…” or anything remotely resembling Elitism on the basis of having more money to throw at DC projects that most others. I haven’t even seen a “I’ve got more posts/been here longer…” posting, and that is rare on the internet.

So, my hat goes off to the esteemed members of TPR, probably the finest DC team in the world! :cheers:

Group hug, and dont spare the Ambrosia!

Nice post O’Borg, I forget how lucky we are to be with a really nice bunch of people on the internet and it’s nice to stop and think now and again

Take a read of who are we? when you get a chance, that is TPR

A Team run by it’s members for it’s members

:nod: Well said M@tt

:nod: :worship:

You’re too kind. :nod:
Every member contributes in their own way. Some have many crunchers, some have access to them at work and some have one. The other part, the daily news, the hardware and all of the other admin work is contributed by a different set of members. If these two groups overlap fine. If not, we’re happy to have your contribution and fellowship.

Thanks :borg:
TPR classes everyone the same, whether your a 1 a month or
1k aday cruncher. You are, first and foremost, a member of the
For the new members, please read the link M@tt suggests, and,
if you have the time, go back through the cantina posts, theres
posts on the support we give each other.

No matter which project we crunch for, we are, above all, TPR.

Yup :nod:

And if your daily post ratio is high, don’t forget to join Team :spam:


Very well said O’Borg and thanks to M@tt for drawing my attention to your ‘constitution’
Although very new to TPR I find a real sense of freedom on this forum which I could not find elsewhere. Lets all work to keep it that way.

Indeed this place has a unique team spirit that I can’t say I’ve seen anywhere else on the net :slight_smile: Thats what makes this place the best :thumbsup:

n00b question from me.before i get trolleyed and resume normal broadcasts


…out of curiousity <looks out for any cats>…

who foots the bill for TPR forums?

Is Ambrosia a corporate sponsor?:smiley:
and is there an H’alcoholic version of the holy stuff?


hic (oops)

Team members provide forum space and bandwidth and we
throw money at them when we mug someone :wink:
but other bits us members provide, like ftp, radio, DC++ hub,
backup forums, mIRC, the pub and so on.

so , bit of a sharing thing going on really :cuddle: good to see in such a selfish world

Fink i’m gonna enjoy my stay here :thumbsup:


:smiley: We are a team in the true sense of the word.
come in to the irc if you like #the_bullshit_free_zone
on quakenet

Originally posted by dalethfc
:smiley: We are a team in the true sense of the word.
come in to the irc if you like #the_bullshit_free_zone
on quakenet

:confused: looks for the sticky on IRC…heard of it but never experienced it



(waits for familiar voice) ‘Teach you i will’ :smiley:

I’ll take that to mean you’re going to join us Dancin. :nod:

Welcome aboard. :thumbsup:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

In the cantina, theres a sticky.
In there you’ll find a link that you can use, or use the link for
mIRC software. I posted to Mulda in there to with the irc addy.

The bandwidth is paid for by the members who can afford too, once a year or so we have a little whip round, £5 ish or whatever, there is no distinction between those that contribute and those that don’t :slight_smile: a little is gained from buying memory though link in Watto’s Shop, Muppet#9 is the ISP (TPR Member)

I for one contributed to the forums cost and tbh - with all the new members and the fun it is creating would be prepared to vote with my wallet once again when the time is due. I thoroughly enjoy the community spirit and family atmosphere of TPR.

and by the way for those at the top of div3 in seti… mind out coming through…fully motivated by all the new members, showing them what WE can do…



for those who hadn’t noticed the VT-Darts captain and resident thursday night pisshead after playing darts…and once again finishing every game first dart on double top :smiley:

DT. (again)

Very well said :borg: I couldn’t agree more. The great thing about this place is that NOBODY is more or less important than another. And we don’t have a “no w00ts, we don’t want you posting” attitude either. Just fun, lots of helpful information ('cept from a few of us :spam:ers :p), and sometimes a decent serious conversation, but only one or two times have I seen anything get out of control, but it did not erupt into anything too major.

Originally posted by Dancin
[B]n00b question from me.before i get trolleyed and resume normal broadcasts



and is there an H’alcoholic version of the holy stuff?


hic (oops) [/B]

… woooooot :drink: a fellow professional :hail: :cheers: