Inferior Denim

I don’t know what is the problem with the textile industry, but it seems like these last pair of jeans I bought about two months ago just keeps getting smaller and smaller. :furious:Truly has to be an inferior product.:hehehmm:

Your trousers are getting smaller? you sure… :wink:

:chuckle: You girls, always blaming the product :nono:

It’s not just the trousers … or the girls :sigh:

my denim jacket has been hanging in a cupboard since it shrank over 4 years ago, strange thing is that the sleeves are still long enough :lol:

I feel your pain! I bought a nice new La Coste shirt for a fair few pennys just before going away on holiday, wore it once, girlfriend washed it and threw it in the tumble drier. Dearest one wear shirt ever. At least her 6mth old nephew will have a nice La Coste shirt to wear in the near future…