Installing Boinc Manager

Okay… if I install BOINC manager (current 4.32) into the root of my existing boinc directory, shouldn’t it pick up the existing project? I get nothing.

I always select File -> Suspend in the boinc manager before updating, and have had no problems so far (4.41 at present.)

All the newer managers are development versions, to be used with discretion. Consider a temporary backup of the complete boinc directory after suspending processing and before the update.

I’m going from the 4.19 client to the 4.32 boinc manager, so suspending isn’t an option. However, I did back up the boinc directory (always a good precaution) before dropping the boinc manager in there. I shut down the client before beginning all this. I can’t run the update because boinc manager doesn’t see my project (seti). It thinks I don’t have any projects and wants me to attach to one.

I started with 4.25, then updated to 4.36 and 4.41. In each case I downloaded the file “boinc_4.xx_windows_intelx86.exe” which is an installer. When you execute that you get a dialog which prompts you through the installation. So I never “dropped anything into” the boinc directory at all.

I’m doing this on linux :wink:

there was a point in the development where the boinc manager and boinc.exe changed the loopback port, you may just have hit the wrong combo. I’ve the 4.27 boinc and manager on my nix machines and they are fine. Try getting matching release running and all should be well.


I’ll check what I have, but I thought boinc.exe and boinc manager were packaged together. Worth a shot anyway…

Took a closer look at the messages, and I think I know why it isn’t finding my existing project (yep, something obvious). The path to the data directory is /home/glenn/BOINC, yet according to the messages, it thinks its /home/glenn. Boinc manager is running from within the /home/glenn/BOINC directory. Anyone know where Boinc manager keeps it’s configuration files, such that I could change this? I did find the hidden file .BOINC Manager, but this does not contain the data directory path.