Instant BHP from garden tools

Now it may seem like one of those great ideas that only occurs after “A couple” of beers but how about an extra 10BHP from a leaf blower ?

And thats before they gave it a good squirt of NOS !

Rolling road footage here

Crazy, but brilliant!! :headbang:

Nice :slight_smile:

Is this a TFWitt lab’s secret weapon for the Daf Vader ?

Errr, perhaps not.
The thought of persuading it to imbibe a larger petrol/air mixture is crazy.

I’m half expecting SWAMPY to be digging tunnels across martins car park to try and stop it being driven anywhere.

Nice! I’m surprised they didn’t go bang though, that’s not wise :wink:

One of my friends did this with his old Chrysler. I was really shocked that it worked. We didn’t have dyno testing, but “seat-of-the-pants” tests were quite successful.

Clean pants needed afterwards I’m guessing as well, Ben :smiley:

Those were needed anytime you got in the car with that loon. :smiley: