Insurance Time

Well it’s gone down! :smiley:

Down from £1500+ to around £900. Down 30% :slight_smile:

Still a lot but I’m happy with that. Leaves me about another £600 I’d saved up for it and didn’t have to use. :slight_smile:

Tidy! Managed to get mine down by £175 this year only paying £645 now :o


Just got the bill for the November yearly payment on the 2 harley MC. $1400 up from $1100 last year. I think some shopping is in order. :nod:

Renewal comes up in December for me. I’m really hoping its about the same. Unless I’ve moved by then.

I thought motorcycle insurance was cheap, or is that $1400/yr for both together?

Yeah for both with a multi-cycle discount and a good driver discount with $500 deductible and only $2000 in accessory coverage. The flipping car insurance is outrageous as well with a premium of $1300 every 6 months under a top ratio policy and $500 deductible with 0 dollar glass which costs just a couple bucks extra a year. To many blind old people in AZ. Works out to $4K a year just for the vehicles.

Sheesh… makes me feel better about my insurance. I’m paying $1800/year on my two cars.

Gone to Norwhcich Union.

£750 ish?!

Gotta take them up on that :smiley:

Managed to get mine down by £175 this year only paying £645 now

your reduction is actually £1 more than i pay for fully-comp protected hehe

And what you pay fully comp will be more than the value of your car next year :eek: (based on your depreciation thread)

Speaking from experience - Norwich Union look the cheapest out there but they don’t ever seem too happy paying out. I know most insyrance companies will faff with a claim, but we had two claims with NU with in a few months (Different claims) and both were very very awkward.

I just have to try and put people off NU as much as possible :slight_smile:

With TK on that I’m With Norwich Union, great people to talk to when you report
an accident… Just be prepaid there on after to talk to somebody in darkest depths
of india for anything else relating to it there on after.

PMM not impressed with them.

NU gave me great service when i had a claim, but they are absolute *** to work for