internet access via gprs/mobile

ok you brainiacs out there!!!:idea:

Can you update boinc via a mobile phone mainly installing the client (seti or predictor etc, boinc already installed) and put/get units?:shrug: :hail:

If So anybody doing it over PAYG im on voda

any advice would be nice not got fone just yet but thinking about it.

the reason is no internet access at home yet!

thanks peoples

Sure, this is posted via gprs. Its slow but it works. Not sure of prices in the UK, but it can be expensive so be carefull.
As for phone i would go for a nice 3g phone as it is faster than gprs:)

Hope that helps.

Dunno if prices are still current, I’m on t-mobile web & walk pro. 3g card for lappy for £50 and £20 pcm on 18 month contract. Think it is less now. 2 GB a month data allowance so no need to worry about bandwidth or time as long as you don’t leech :stuck_out_tongue: Stupid small print banning voip and messenging.

I think for GPRS or even 9600 data you need to have data enabled by provider, might not be the case on PAYG. GPRS is just liveable (like dial-up speeds) but at 9600 forget doing anything that isn’t measured in single figure k’s.

I use a GPRS or EGPRS connection, 3G cant work directly from my phone to my computer.I just find it expensive downloading stuff.I havent downloaded BOINC onto the computer that uses the GPRS connection because the download is rather large.So, try and go for something like Folding@Home which is a small download even the GUI version.

Am i reading you right mackeral, you can’t use msn with those 3g voda cards ?

Does it just not work or are you just not supposed to use it.

Was contemplating one for a while when i may not have internet connection, msn/irc and light web / eve(not data heavy) usage but from what your saying it won’t be for me

msn works, but from the way the T&C are phrased it sounds kickable. Gaming is out unless pings of over a second are no problem.

Don’t think the High ping would be a problem with eve, at least not with general housekeeping stuff. Glad to hear that msn works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replys however due to my starting a job on 17/08/06 i should be able to pay BT back and get my normal plusnet broadband back on line.

then watch out i can get me farm going