Internet Security

Right, where to begin…

So I quite being a copper coz the firm I worked for was a bunch of muppets (no offense meant to anyone) and I now work for a company fixing PC’s etc installing alarms and CCTV.

We have a problem Huston… what is a good security suite? Must be able to run on servers etc. Currently running Zone Alarm 8 which is causing no end of headaches (beer should do that). Boss won’t run McAf(art)ee, Norton, Bullguard or AVG.

Any suggestions?

I’m running Avast! ‘Me hearties’ in conjunction with Threatfire which I’ve found to be very good. Each proggie updates two sometimes three times a day without any input from me… Lazy git, I know but it works and that’s the bottom line.


Second vote for Kaspersky, both as a stand alone av and the internet security version too.

Mmmm kerpersky too hungry… the machines aint that good ya know…:slight_smile:

Trend Micro is worth considering.


PC Tools Internet Security seems to get good reviews

Hardware Firewall.

This might also help…

10 easy ways to boost your online security and minimise the risk of infection with these essential tips… linky

Cool cheers peeps

Check out a Linux distribution called smoothwall, runs on a 386, very secure, free. Fits the bill methinks.

#1 Firewall either Hardware or Software. Smoothwall is great Linux, and small. If you’re in a Windows world, just turn on MS Firewall for starters. The make sure you have a good router with NAT, and other goodies turned on. I like DLINK but make sure it’s not the bottom level stuff. Next get any antivirus AVG, AVAST etc… stay away from tier one Antivirus they tend to be the first targets for hackers. I would also make sure that the router will email/collect details. I get a daily report of attacks, and strange stuff…amazing how many times I get someone trying to hack in. If you have the major cash look at ASTARO great stuff, and great prices. Ok back to regular nutty stuff here in my world. Have a great Easter all!

Thanks for the link Greg.

I think Eset Nod32 is great.

VIPRE is a low resource hog and picked up more crapware than kaspersky used to for us.

When a computer connects to a network and begins communicating with other computers, it is essentially taking a risk. Internet security involves the protection of a computer’s Internet account and files from intrusion of an unknown user.[. Basic security measures involve protection by well selected passwords, change of file permissions and back up of computer’s data.

Security concerns are in some ways peripheral to normal business working, but serve to highlight just how important it is that business users feel confident when using IT systems. Security will probably always be high on the IT agenda simply because cyber criminals know that a successful attack can be very profitable. This means they will always strive to find new ways to circumvent IT security, and users will consequently need to be continually vigilant. Whenever decisions need to be made about how to enhance a system, security will need to be held uppermost among its requirements.

Internet security professionals should be fluent in the four major aspects:

* Penetration testing
* Intrusion Detection
* Incidence Response
* Legal / Audit Compliance

When it comes to the antivirus its better to use Bit defender which has most efficient Protection.

By the way check out the professional training and Certification for Pen-Testers from EC-Council here