IRC or simmilar

What do i need to install, and where do i have to go to talk to you guys other than on the boards?

get mirc installed and then get the others to sort u out with where and how :wink:

There is a link in Damski’s sig for a Java client that hooks you into the TPR IRC.

ok. thanks;)

The Damski’s sig thing has never worked for me.

I also stopped IRC as I dont like it.

Looks like I gotta stay with MSN…

Got to stay with MSN ???

Hope you still have the receipt for this

The Java thing isnt 100% reliable to get a connection straight away, mIRC is alot better.




I prefer Trillian but was annoying me so went back to MSN for a while…

Would be using Linux here but tis to much bother to set up the wireless network ATM so waiting till Uni to put my new machine on Linux then should be connecting via a cable…(much easier with Linux I believe) :slight_smile:

Anyhow…MSN has to stay really…thats all my mates use… :rolleyes: