IRC ????

err … I can’t seem to find anything to connect to :confused:

… and yes I’m fikk :stuck_out_tongue:

Get in using that and someone will talk you through it I’m sure :smiley:


Can someone give me an address of an IRC server that is know to work, as I’m trying to workout if my uni’s blocking access, even through they clam IRC is allowed/enabled. Also, the Java chat link fails to connect to the server.

The java client is working a ok here, I can only guess the uni is blocking the connection.

It won’t play, I enter my name then click enter … and get another window that “isn’t responding” :rolleyes:

and when I close that, all other explorer windows shut also :confused:

could it be a disabled setting in I.E. ?

LMAO … works fine with Firefox

you need to ensure you have java installed, just jump to and download it, i’ve found that it will sometimes hand first time round, but the second time round it should fire up fine.


Cheers Dammo :thumbsup:

I’m finding that I.E. is coming up with a few errors lately :frowning:

yeah, yeah, I know - Firefox is the bees knees :wink: