Is Anyone Doing............?

Is anyone here doing pulse ??

its a litttle prog that counts your keystrokes…its all about stats!!

well if anyone is doing it i have a team going it only has 4 members and where about to hit 1mil team keystrokes

Team url:

hopefully you guys can help us out :D:D join up doesnt take much register on the web site then install pulse put ur account name a password in then join the team and pulse away :wink: go on lads and lasses you know you want to !!

P.S Didnt know where to put this !!

come on lads dont all sign up at once !!

:wink: :Poke:


ah that would answer the question then ah well !!

im sure you can join more than one team !!

Erm whats to stop this being turned into a key logger and stealing your identity?


nothing !

don’t start that conversation again :rolleyes: :p.

lol - Did i miss something?


no the thing is there is too many members on pulse for it to be made into a keylogger me thinks !!

anyway I need members for my team !! so join up if you want to !!

DT i dont see you on the team list ?? wana join my team ?

ummmm forgot all about this


nope :nono:

Nothing to be gained apart from stats, and I don’t like the thoughts mentioned by GK :nod:

Although the work:spam: I do, I could whoop your a$$ I’m sure :lol:

Also, whats to stop me setting the key repeat value in the bios and putting a brick on a keyboard ???

IMO, pointless project for statheads.


whats all this actually in aid of?

stats junkies, absolutely no point to it, imo of course.


I’m a stat junkie but this takes the biscuit…I’d be a stats junkie for something good…Like DC projects…

yes BUT it uses none of my system…and considering all i have to type then i like to do it shows me how much i type and stuff!!

i have 6nodes doing D2OL i do that to help ppl not for stats but i also do pulse for me !! ah well

There were always concerns with exactly what data was collected and what use was/could be made of it.

Don’t forget it is recording everything - all those username/password/credit card details etc. If that can be accessed/decoded by unscrupulous third parties, and it came out that they got them because you voluntarily ran a keystroke logger on your PC you would not have a leg to stand on and would be completely liable for any/all abuse :frowning:

it just logs the keystrokes !! the file size of everything in its install folder amount to no more than 100ks how could that hold masses of info ?? when i pulse the server it takes seconds how could data of that size be sent ?

Does it pulse automatically or do you have to send it yourself?