Is it easy to replace bearings on Escort?

As title… the bearings have gone in my o/r wheel, I could take it into a garage but was wondering how easy it is to do oneself? Bearing in mind I have almost no car mechanic experience…

It’s pretty simple but I’d get a manual that explains howto if I were you. There’s quite a lit of effort needed to rub or work the grease into the bearing and most common car care manuals woul dexplain howto and why.

Check your Haynes manual - some wheel bearings have to be pressed in with a hydraulic press. Thumping them with a big hammer isnt enough :frowning:

if its a front wheel drive Escort the rear bearings are a piece of cake but as was said ^^^ up there get a Haynes.
Most bearings require the bearing casing to be pressed it. You have two choices, either leave the old ones in ( easier and something I’ve done many times, but bear in mind your bearings then do have a shortened life span) or drift out the old casing and use a hammer with a suitable sized socket to tap the new ones in.
Either way these simple tasks are well documented in a Haynes.