is LM down???

getting those darned 4k packets, whats going on???

yep server has been down since late last night, with an 8hr time difference server should be sorted sometime late afternoon.


The server has been sorted out and was repaired shortly after the team arrived at work in Kansas. For those of you in the UK, an overnight outage hits you until later in your day.

I must say I’m very happy with the new client. For some reason, my daughter’s P4 2.66Ghz loves to crash the client. The 1.03 has been running for two days now without a single problem.

Tried to switch my dual xeon to mapping this morning and kept getting corrupt job packets?? 1.01 and 1.03 client tried.

Is that normal?

I switched it back to seti, which works fine, even at its slight overclocked level.


looks like the server has been down again, should be back online shortly…