Is Predictor Dead?

As far as TPR goes? I posted on the Test Bed message board, and Chuck said basically every one has moved away from Predictor. Problems with the new management and all. I was just curious, since my two machines are both running Predictor. If TPR as a whole has moved away from Predictor, then I would rather devote my resources to helping TPR in other BOINC projects.

I’ve not crunched any for ages but there seems to be a few credits still rumbling my way. Didn’t really interest me and was only helping out with the beta and got a bit fed up with the no work issues.

I’m running it, so is Riddler, and some others.

I think a few have moved on as the project had probems when it reopened, these are (for the most part) solved now, so I think we’ll see some folks looking at it again.

After all, TPR are the undisputed #1 BOINC Predictor team…and we wouldn’t lose that position…would we?

I’m still running it on all my boinc machines.

Can’t lose our number 1 spot now can we :smiley:

Ok, thanks for the input. Still have Predictor running on one machine. On my main rig, I dropped it to run more CPDN, since CPDN doesnt like my OC’d Barton.

My main machine is set 50:50 Predictor:SETI, so when Predictor is dishing out work it will crunch 50:50 and when Predictor runs dry it runs SETI 100%… no crunching time is wasted :slight_smile:

on my main rig, i was 33:33:33 Seti:CPDN:Predictor, so I didnt have any down time, but my other rig is 50:50 Seti: Predictor. But I want to boost my CPDN score, since it will only run on one of my rigs.

Good point Mojo. Looking at the stats we’ve got around 20 days to up our game before those Franco Froggies get us. I’ve thrown a machine back on full time :slight_smile:

Tha validator seems to be doing some overtime. Hardly a WU not validated :thumbsup:

and just as I was talking to Bullseye earlier about the xp1800 doing naff all in the loft…

might get off :moon: and sort it out soon, hitting a problem I never thought I would - used all the power sockets up !!!


Bah, get a double-socket adapter and fire it up… slacker! I’m even eyeing up the PII-400 of my Mum’s I’m halfway through refurbishing, might take me a little longer to finish it :wink:

Ugh! I wander off for a paltry 1 1/2 years or so and EVERYTHING changes!!! :frowning: OK, who wants to clue me in on all these changes? The last thing I remember, SETI II had been rumored to “start soon” for the previous 12 months or so, and BOINC was still in a VERY beta stage. FAH was supposed to switch over to BOINC (or was it SETI?) but I dropped SETI I before that. What’s this Predictor you’re writing about?

Could I ask more clueless questions? :wink:

Wow good to see you back, you’re still 17th in the overall team position.
There’s a sticky outlining all the projects TPR are currently crunching

Very quickly
Seti 1 ( Classic, we call it) is finishing sometime soon, as in maybe :shrug:
Lifemapper has finished
Boinc is now well established and is running multi projects within its shell :-
Seti (II), Climate Prediction, Predictor, Einstein, LHC and Pirates.
We are also well into two other non boinc projects - D2OL amd Folding at Home.

Oh and Niel & DT are still spamming :smiley:

que ? Still spamming ? Does that infer I onced stopped ? OHS bandwidth issues might not be such an issue with CPDN as the units take such a long time :Pimp: although my CPDN directory is 250Mb

Predictor is more or less Folding for Boinc - I’ll like to personally see OHS folding hit the magic 1mill :Poke: :lol: :smiley:

As always, whatever you choose you get TPR backing :smiley: As The trainee :spam: man says, the sticky is not bad :wink:


Ahh, so if I ever figure out BOINC :confused: , then I want to switch to Predictor. Last night for fun I fired up F@H for Fadamor’s account. You may actually see a WU completed in the next few days for Fad! :smiley:

Predictor? I was running a couple of WU’s on BOINC… but as dad deemed BOINC is off limits again I’ve gone for a quick blast on F@H as a screensaver…

Mind CPDN has always been my best project…these protein ones scare me…what else could they find except cures for diseases? new diseases? NBC weapons?

Not really my cup of tea…

looks like we’re going to be losing top spot without some massive intervention, OCUK have really hit the gas with a big foot on the pedal compared to others. Francophone also coming in fast.

we’re losing ground to ocuk at 16K credits a day and 4K a day to francophone. :frowning:

I know I say I don’t do it for stats, but after all the hard work we did on the beta testing, would be a real shame to see this go :cry: