Is this right ?

When am running this

and only getting

Something just doesn’t feel right,

On avg only 200points per core ? hmmm

you need to be running the SMP client, not the single core and you’ll up that to a couple of thousand as it will spread the work over all four cores much more efficiently.


I’ll wait till they have all finished and then i’ll give the smp core a try

I see that you are only running two instances of the single core client , if this is to give a more responsive machine , you can restrict the SMP client to two or three threads by modifying the -smp flag (uses all available cores) e.g. - smp x , where x is the number of cores you wish to use.
also SMP clients qualify for the bonus points scheme for quick turn around , but only if you use an easy to aquire passkey. you can find details on the FAQ pages.

better :smiley:

and yes passkey is in place :smiley:

Just remember that it takes ten results and an 80% completion rate to qualify for the bonus scheme - bonuses for the qualifying 10 are applied after qualification - so don’t expect full scores for a few days.

Rather happier with the results of this

Now does the GPU client play nice with the SMP client ?

my personal settings on the dedicated machine is to set the SMP client to a 90% utilisation max, then it has the more ppd GPUs well fed with info to crunch. Setting depends on your rig though.

I notice with your posted CPU-Z validator that your GPU is a Radeon HD 4850. I only crunch with Nvidia GPUs and although a single GPU usage does impact on the SMP client throughput the overall PPD is still worth it, The GPU client used to use the best part of a whole cores resources to support a GPU - the Nvidia GPUs now use less - but I don’t know about ATI stuff - you may find that the best option is to reduce the SMP client to three cores , leaving one to service the GPU needs- I do similar on my i7 rig with 3 Fermi GPUs running, I limit the SMP client to ten out of a possible twelve ‘cores’. There were lots of threads about this on the ATI section of the folding forums

Whats a AMD X2 4200 worth in ppd ? might be worth putting my old rig to use

Not sure I don’t run any AMD systems anymore - you can run SMP on two cores - but I have no Idea if it will meet the deadlines required by the bonus scheme - try it and see - if it fails to complete within the deadline , stop as this will impact on the 80% completion rate required to get the bonuses.

I might press it into service this weekend and see how it goes but for now, getting into the top 50 and overtaking Mulda to get into the top 5 producers is rather nice :smiley: