Is this upto standards?

I’m looking at getting a small PC to run linux on so I can web browse, music and videos. Was looking at Ubuntu/Xubuntu or DSL.

I was after a mini itx system and was wanting ones that the Damn Small Linux shop sell but they don’t ship to the UK.

Anyhow, I found this one for sale in the mini-itx shop which on the surface looks exactly what I want. If I was going the DSL route I’d get a compact flash card and boot from that, otherwise boot externally from a USB disk.

I’ve had no experience with VIA processor’s. Are they much different? Would it had enough oomph to run linux, web browsers and music?
What amount of RAM would be good? The more the better I guess?

As a loose generalisation, they’re about the same as an old Athlon or worse, per clock. At 1 GHz it’ll be fine on the desktop for general stuff like music. Video might be a challenge. It’ll probably cope with mpeg4, but forget anything HD unless it offers and you can make use of any hardware support in the chipset.

Pre-Nehemiah core Via CPUs really sucked at everything except power consumption, but that might also be because they didn’t do anything :stuck_out_tongue: Integer performance might be adequate, but they had half clock FPUs. Full clock FPU only came in with Nehemiah core. I’m not sure what core that box uses as I think 1 GHz ones could be either.

No chance of HD stuff here yet. It’s only supposed to be a low power consumption box for the general. I feel a A64 3500+ and PCI-e is a bit overkill for just linux. :shrug:

Anyhow, I’ll probably keep this one until it goes kaputt then see what happens.