It is early evening in the United States

There are no mods currently online. As I write this a sick spammer is posting dozens of threads of filth. There is no way to stop him.

Let’s do something about this.

yes you are right,

the Mods are never there, when we will need them…

but i think that someone will take care of this…

Sir Ulli

Curly just logged in. I PMed him which he hasn’t had time to read yet as I see he is on the case. The offending threads are starting to disappear.

i juist notized this, hope he will clear this,

Spammers go onboard, or play at other locations…

Sir Ulli

This has happened before at this hour. I watched a spammer hit every forum on TPR and had to wait for someone to log in to undo the damage.

Thank you Curly. Good work. :thumbsup:

nice Job Curly and MrTFWitt :thumbsup:

Sir Ulli

I didn’t know of that particular feature. I was in the process of getting ready to email you when I saw Curly log on. I’m at my daughter’s computer which does not email setup. I was just writing down your email address when Curly appeared.

Thanks for your help as well Mr. Witt. :nod:

some people ore MODS can hide him or her or whatever at the Forums, so you will never see him or her ore…

Sir Ulli

I thought that was one of those wordless European traffic signs I’ve never learned to understand. :lol: