Its no good

Being British, or is it an English trait really.

I’m going have to moan about it.

Having set about the garden with a strimmer, chainsaw, loppers, an axe and every destructive garden implement I can find theres a reasonable sized bonfire waiting to be lit.
If only it would stop bloody raining.

Lighting the fire isn’t a huge problem, creativity is on my side.
Its more the rain washes off the Wode while I’m dancing round the fire.

Plus the more it rains the faster the bloody garden will grow again

well duh - guaranteed rain as today is the start of some traditional disappointment tournament in Wimbledon somewhere …


I’ll be there this evening with a tank of diesel…

Ah yes.
Another great British passtime.

Watching somebody who hasn’t won a thing for year after year coming second in a game of something or other. Again usually in the rain

Come on Tim!

Tell me about it (Rain that is) Its only sunny while I am at work

Any attempt to take time off to get things done that really benefits having the nice weather for the motivation to do it is alway’s thwated :frowning:

Been really annoying of late as I’ve left work early on a Friday tis been lovely and sunny for it to pretty much turn vile about an hour after reaching home.

As you may guess I took today off :frowning:

Me reads the above post twice … then starts to blame PMM for the inclement weather we’re having :Poke: :chuckle:

Best way to start them fires is a cup of sunflower oil or a handfull of old candles.

Or nail varnish remover. That burns well and no one can prove you used it :wink:

I have a box of Hexamine cooking tablets.
Military grade firelighters.

Plan B is to find one of these in the garage, I Know its there somewhere.

:lol: A bit of overkill don’t you think? :smiley:

Belive me TF makes overkill become inadequate :smiley: