Its not big, its not clever

But I have a day off tomorrow so I’m sipping a glass or two of 18yr old Irish single malt.

Who else is on the lash tonight and whats your tipple ?

Oooh - I am jealous. I love a decent Irish malt whisky :slight_smile:

Stone cold sober here - work tomorrow :frowning:

8 cans of carlsberg export that was on offer at the corner shop whilst watchin “Hitch” the latest film with Will Smith in - highly entertaining :smiley: or was that the beer :cheers:



Cant remember the amount of cans I’ve had now…

Just finished watching “Seven” and it’s a very twisted film…

Two 18 year old freshmen college girls.

Working out of town for a few days!!!

Actually the one girl is our daughters baby sitter. The other her room mate. My wife told me I had to take the baby sitter out to eat while working in town where she is going to college. The room mate is a blond cheerleader!!!

You see I can get away with that being a fresher myself :smiley:

Fresh ? you ??

… more like bargain bucket with a tag saying “unfit for human contact” :lol: :lol:

… anyway, you don’t have time for girls … you’re studying to become rich and famous :thumbsup: :nod:

Dont remind me…why is it depresing when you realise you get 75 hours worth of work a week :ouch:

22 hours, rest is reading time and coursework etc…

Oh and thats what the tag says is it?! blimey, lucky I had that read, I thought it was washing instructions… :smiley: