Its Official....

Everyone on TPR has a life except kaiowas and TechnoKitty.

No one is on IRC tonight - they are obviously all out on the town.

However k and TK are sat indoors, talking to each other via IRC and making their own cocktails, drinking them out of amusing glasses with cows and sheep on them.

kaiowas got the cow glass - if you were wondering.

this post has been brought to you by a drunked vix

Been out
Been to bed
Been on IRC
Gone back to bed

And theres a whole weekend ahead

sorry, for once in my life I was watching a film with the wife, hitch, it aint bad you know…

you should call over, and we can not have a life togeather.

Once we get our house you can come over here too and we can pretend we have lives :wink: Woo!

Haven’t seen hitch actually - might have to see about that :slight_smile:

i was getting wasted soz

same tonight actually :slight_smile:

Hitch is worth a watch…was out myself last night, got home and checked irc but missed all the fun…i seem to have gotten a real life tm lately…when work allows that is. :smiley: