its the waiting thats the worst

as some of you know my bandit has been sitting out over the winter waitin for me to pass my bike test, well i passed it last week :slight_smile:

so out came the bandit and off to the bike shop for a new mot and to get her up n running again after 8months of sitting arround doing nothing…

so yesterday she was pushed into the back of a van and sent off to the bike shop for the work she needs… shes been gone for a day now and im allready hoing and praying that they can get her all up n running and mot’d soon as i am desperate to take her for a ride.

its just the waiting to get her back i cant stand!

heres a pic of her from just before she was moved to my back garden for so long…

Grats on passing mate! :slight_smile:

Nice one James, bet you can’t wait for some nice sunny Sundays to go out cruising.

Congratts mate:thumbsup:

That’s the 750 innit? Nice bike:nod:

nah not a 750 smaller than that and no its not a 600 either :stuck_out_tongue: