i've got a puppy!!

i got home last night and my dad had brought a puppy! :slight_smile:
its a belguim cattle dog and we called her snowball.
she is really cute! :smiley:

Any pictures?

Yeah. Pop a picture up m8.

Pics please! Haven’t got a clue what a Belgian Cattle Dog is!!!

PLease bru, gooi a few pikchas

I very much doubt a picture is on the cards :wink: considering he visits here from his school :wink:

This is one

Dammit that thing is ugly:nod:

Looks like an overgrown poodle;)

damn that ain’t a dog, that’s a Horse…

thanks guys i can see you all like it:cry:

you know to much… :smiley:

mine’s cuter!

gorgeuss dog mate :wink: now stop spamming :stuck_out_tongue: and use the edit button :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


p.s. what edit button?:smiley:

I actually like them I just can’t eat a whole one:chuckle:

Just the sort of thing you need running into the house … on a wet day in Penrith :lol: :lol:


a work of art:D

p.s. i knew it was there!
i was joking