just for giggles . . .


12,000 rocket launchers, Pffffft :slight_smile:

Top-Tip: before you start flinging solar sats up, DO remember that slot 4 requires many more sats than slot 2 :rolleyes:


I just wanted to see what would happen…and nothing did. I’m only doodling with it in my spare time now. Haven’t really got a fleet to speak of either but will start to scout around soon just for a larf


Finally given up and deleted the account. Just don’t have the time or inclination to play it anymore. Even having a lack of time to play Elite Dangerous at the mo as well, but will go back to that soon as.

Ogame just doesn’t float me boat anymore. Was great when more TPR members were involved, but the lack of things to do just made it boring. I even got 300K energy so easily without anyone noticing or getting attacked, that it was just unreal.


This could take a while to crack

Missile Attack 17.12.2017 18:53:08
From: Fleet Command
A rocket from your planet TUMBLEWEED [1:404:4] smashed into the planet Soprano [1:415:4]!
1 Attacking rocket(s) was/were destroyed by enemy anti-ballistic missiles.

137592 Rocket Launcher
20000 Light Laser
14835 Heavy Laser
2825 Gauss Cannon
6278 Ion Cannon
1600 Plasma Turret
1 Small Shield Dome
1 Large Shield Dome
70 Anti-Ballistic Missiles (-1)
0 Interplanetary Missiles


You simply need to build a few Cruisers TFW

. . . . around 144 million of em should suffice :smiley:

oh, and a couple of recyclers


cruiser build engaged…