Just got back from Sturgis bike rally

Just got back from the rally, here is a pic of one of the bikes down there.

Now, where can I get those accesories. :bounce: :bondage:

Original Equipment I’d say.

Don’t know about the bike tho… :wink:

The bike looks good with all the chrome and the American flag gas tank.:smiley:

Was there something else I should notice:confused:

there’s some munters stood in front of it, dunno if they’re significant…

Just looking back and saw this post…
Done the run myself!
as far as accesories I have them all :smiley:
36C 28 34 :whip: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I been to Sturgis twice. Always intersting scenery.
The last time I was there I got a DUI and had to buy my way out. It was just a money thing and the DUI never showed up on my record. :wink: They have a silly thing call “suspended imposition” where you pay the very large fine :deal: and don’t get any more alcohol releated offenses in South Dakota for 6 months and they drop the charge. It never followed me home :yippee: