Just in case .... REMINDER

you have five minutes until the Dr Who special is on BBC1 :slight_smile:


and 11mins till Top Gear :slight_smile:

Watched both :smiley:

Dr Who scared the wotsits out of my son, I enjoyed it very much (and a big thumbs up to the bbc for broadcasting it in HD at the same time)

Loved Top Gear too, laughed so much I had a coughing fit :chuckle:

I like them both…Watch on BBC America here in US. Top Gear makes me laugh…watched the one where they made boats. Too funny trying to launch and go over the channel…CRAZY fellows for sure!

Just watched Dr Who online. Overacting, indecisiveness, inconsistency, Tennant and his script spoilt an otherwise excellent episode.

^ Agreed. I used to be a real fan of Dr Who but for me over the last few years it has declined into utter boredom. This ‘special’ WET WET WET episode was just that… another damp squib.