Just when you thought........

it was safe to enter the water…here I am again!!! :smiley:

Howzit everyone? Okay, I know I said I was gonna be more active again (oh…about a month and a half ago) …okay…so …flog me for lying…hehehe

I see Renata has gotten into D2…congratulations sweetheart! Neal, don’t you think she has given us enough abuse…or is she using that wifely power over you (looking to see if my wife is peeking over my shoulder…damn…I just got slapped!!) :eek:

Congrats on the 20K Ben!!!

Anyhow, all is well and still crunching away here!!!


Aloha Derrick

WB :slight_smile:

Hey Derrick! Nice to hear from you again :slight_smile: Was beginning to think the babes and the tropical sunshine had gotten to you at last. :chuckle:

And yes, Happy Birthday!

Aloha, Derrick! Hope all is going well for you, glad to see you around on the boards. Hopefully your lack of visitation is a sign that business is doing well.

thanks for the b-day wishes…I didn’t get mine BTW…lol

I may grow older…but I refuse to grow up!!! :slight_smile:

Exactly my philosophy, I may get physically older but I refuse to stop playing with my toys :slight_smile: