K12LTSP question

With the impending arrival of new hardware , I need to shuffle my rigs about and I have never swapped Linux hard drives between machines before.
I want to move the LTSP server from an ABIT NF7-S which goes diskless to a SN45 V2 shuttle - same chipset , can I just move the NIC and hard drive or will there be problems with MAC addresses , I cant see it being an issue as the NIC is ETH0 - diskless sub net , the only thing changing really is the ETH1 MAC address = onboard nic , the internet connection . Are there any other considerations to take into account ??? I dont really want to drop production by reinstalling LTSP .

You will need to reconfigure ETH1 from the console after the move, logical device ETH1 is tied to the MAC address of the current LAN adaptor and therefore will not work.

Once the system has booted, go into

System Settings

Select ETH1


One on of the tabs you will find something like:

Bind to MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and a button marked “probe”. Press this, the system will probe the new MAC address and you should then be able to restart the adaptor.

Any other hardware changes will be taken care of during boot sequence


:thumbsup: Cheers Mojo .