I’ve decided to have another play with this Linux stuff, just downloaded the Suze 10.3 ISO and will probably instal it (or try to) on an old 40 Gig drive tomorrow :smiley:

Anyway, as title - I think I used the Gnome interface last time, but which would you recommend for the novice … or isn’t there a great deal of difference :shrug:

SuSE is more sophisticated and has a completely different feel to all the other distros and bears little comparison to UBUNTU or FC6 if that is what you are used to , I personally use the GNOME option , it seems a little more intuitive than KDE to me , although I haven’t tried KDE on SuSE since release 9.
If your looking to file share with windows be prepared to have to work a little harder than the other two I mentioned . but there is a great SuSE community out there .

It will just be a single user home instal, file sharing & stuff will be way over my head anyway :smiley:

IIRC the last time I tried it, there were a few problems accessing files on the windows HDD (will probably run dual boot eventually) - is it any better or should I simply burn stuff to disc and copy it across that way ?

The original question is going to be down to personal preference. I am firmly in the gnome camp myself, but think the only advice really is to try both and see which you prefer. To be fair, since I settled on gnome, I haven’t used kde myself so I don’t know how that might have changed… I might correct that now.

As for accessing a windows HD, there should not be any problem with fat32 partitions even in the past. NTFS is less mature, but currently you should have no trouble reading from it.

If you’re sharing files over the network Samba works fine but SuSE is really picky about doing it right if you are going to leave security intact, thankfully there are some good guides available . As Makerel says, on the same machine - dual booting , NTFS is better than it was , but anything on a FAT32 partion will work fine .

cheers guys :thumbsup: I’ll give it a whirl with Gnome tomorrow afternoon … unless 'er indoors suddenly finds one or two more little jobs that require my attention :smiley:

I’m hoping I can really get into it more this time around, eventually only leaving myself a smallish windows set up for gaming … although I see there are some developments with Linux based games becoming more available nowadays too :smiley:


or as a second option


Gnome chap myself as well. :nod:

Cant really stand KDE environment even though I some people stand by it.

I’m a fan of Ubuntu, so I downloaded and had a quick spin on the Kbuntu liveCD. And on the surface my impression of KDE is no different from the past. KDE just seems unnecessarily cluttered compared to the clean elegance of gnome. So I’m not switching any time soon.

Using Ubuntu on my laptop now (it replaced vista :Plot:) and I must say the gnome interface is elegant and easy on the eye and use.

To coin a phrase “There no place like gnome” :smiley:

Never got round to it at the weekend … slight problem of a dripping tap :frowning:

One of those new fangled monoblock (mixer) sort that have ceramic discs instead of the old washer arrangements in the taps.

Try getting one of those, or replacement discs on a Sunday :furious:

In the end I gave the discs a quick “lapping” with some very fine wet & dry, applied a whisker of vaseline, re-assembled it, and … it’s stopped dripping :smiley: