Kids can do the funniest of things

Today jack has been out playing and andy and myself was outside having a ciggy and watching jack play got us in stiches laughing.

Well you all know andy plays counter strike source and i now think he plays it too much seeing as jack was out in the garden picking up daisys and pulling off the heads and kidding on they are granades.

Well the bit that got us laughing was he was throwing the heads of the dasys and shouting mayonaise then waiting a few mins them doing the BOOM sound. this has been going on for about 10 mins all you hear from outside is him shouting mayonaise then BOOM i have sore sides from laughing so much.

So we have came to the concluision that he plays too much counter strike now just waiting on jack impersonating UT2004 lol

Hope andy has the mature taunts off;)